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Table Top Showcase Solutions


Ramses cases are the preferred choice for the display of smaller objects and documents; they offer ease of  access with a high level of security and environmental control.

National Library Board
• Ramses/L-Type

The National Gallery Of Singapore
• Ramses

Accessible & Secure

Ramses HD cases facilitate the close viewing of small exhibits and documents, combining effortless opening with a high level of security and environmental control. A securely bonded all-glass vitrine is attached to a minimal metal base frame that conceals hinges, locks and gas support struts. Glass to glass joints is bonded with a neutral-cure, transparent high-security adhesive. Optimum quality can be achieved with all glass joints mitred.

The Natural History Museum of London • Touring Exhibition@Taipei


Configured to your exact needs

The versatile Ramses HD design range allows cases to be mounted horizontally onto plinths, tables or shelves or mounted vertically to walls or other exhibition structures. A wide selection of plinths is available; most are standard or can be customised.

The National Gallery Of Singapore • Ramses/Table Top


For smaller cases, access is lifted off. Larger cases are hinged with opening and closing assisted by gas springs. For very large cases, an electronic lifting system is used.

The Rezwan Razack’s Museum Of Indian Paper Money (Indian) • Ramses/Slope


The National Gallery Of Singapore • Ramses/Wall Mount


The National Gallery Of Singapore • Ramses/Electronic Lift

General and Technical Specifications

Suitability - Type of exhibits

Offering viewers a very close study of exhibits on display, the Ramses document-style showcases are ideal for small or flat, intricately detailed exhibits such as coins, manuscripts, gems, fossils, books, jewelry, small archaeology and personal effects. A Ramses showcase is also suitable for longer items such as scrolls.


For an even wash of light, exhibits can be lit by using a slim fibre optic light bar with a custom light hood fin at the rear of the case or you can choose to have wide angle spot lights at either sides projecting across the display area. This avoids light reflecting back at viewers. Where this is not possible or other lighting effects are required, we can provide a range of LED or fibre optic light fittings including our versatile range of Microlights*, gantry bars, swan neck or spotlight fittings. Lighting can be designed into baseboards or dress panels to allow maximum concealment.

*Trika’s Microlights is a range of small and adaptive conservation lighting fixtures that deliver pin-point spools of light from 6 to 24 degrees at varying distances.


Cases are usually hinged with support provided by gas struts so that they open effortlessly and the top is safely supported throughout the closed, opening or closing sequence. All cases, no matter how large they are, only require one single person to open. For larger cases or where hinged opening is not possible, we fit electrically operated synchronised motor systems in plinths or tables. When a case is located against a wall, a solid back is provided with an alternative hinge position. Very small Ramses HD cases can be made with a lift-off glass vitrine or open with a concealed gas strut.


We have a comprehensive range of showcase solutions that cater to all your specific requirements.