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Pull & Slide Showcase Solutions

Cyrus LH and Cyrus BGT

A minimalist-styled case system designed to feature optimum visibility with high security and protection. Cyrus is a frameless all-glass showcase that enables larger or tall objects to be displayed and viewed from all sides

Maritime Xperiential Museum, Singapore
• Cyrus LH

Natural History Museum of London Touring Exhibition @ Zhongzheng Memorial Hall, Taiwan
• Cyrus BGT

Cyrus Lighting Header Showcase

Cyrus LH showcases can be single or multi-bay, freestanding or on a plinth, platform or steel structure.

Access is by a pull and slide hardened steel door mechanism for smooth effortless operation with a 80% opening to left and right. For installation of very large objects, the door can be fully removed. Smaller doors can be hinged. The latest Cyrus LH solutions with surface bonded technology can be used to create minimal planar designs.

The Cyrus LH design solution allows cases to be customised in terms of size, shape, finish and opening system so that they become a major feature of the exhibition design.

This all-glass case with a light hood can be utilised in most display situations, freestanding or mounted on plinths, shelves or walls. Its structural integrity means uninterrupted expanses of showcase are possible. The flexibility of the system allows L-shaped, triangular, hexagonal and other shaped cases to be built to varying sizes with adjacent doors only requiring minimal clearances.


Cyrus BGT Bounded Glass Top

Cyrus BGT has all the attributes of Cyrus LH but with a glass top. The clear glass top allows objects to be lit from external sources or by internal fibre optic lights. A detachable light- hood is also available.

Access is by a pull and slide hardened steel door mechanism for smooth effortless operation, with a 80% opening to left and right. For installation of very large objects, the door can be fully removed.

We can supply separate, removable lighting headers when overhead gallery lighting is not sufficient. Cyrus BGT can also be supplied with anti-reflective glass.

With viewing from any angle, it is suitable for displaying art, costumes, science equipment, military and period weapons, or even furniture. Cases can be freestanding or mounted on a plinth, platform or steel structure. For suspended shelving, a discreet channel can be specified beforehand to maximise display potential.


General and Technical Specifications

Suitability - Type of exhibits

Cyrus cases are ideally suited for medium to large exhibits that need to be seen from all directions, from silverware and natural history to sculpture and costume.


External lighting is best for the minimalist Cyrus BGT design range. We can provide task lighting solutions in the base of the case or as part of an internal feature. An effective spread of light can be achieved by concealing lights in the base and incorporating a mirrored surface at the top of the case. For Cyrus LH, the top light-hood allows a comprehensive variety of lighting solutions such as LEDs to fibre-optic systems with lighting also possible from the bottom and sides of cases.


Some Cyrus BGT solutions allow shelving to be incorporated, usually from a hanging rod system with rods mounted through holes in the glass top or within a top channel for maximum flexibility. For Cyrus LH, a wide variety of customised display possibilities can be achieved with structural panels and integrated shelving systems.


This case system is designed to be opened effortlessly by just one person. Structurally stable when opened with no need for additional support mechanisms, cases can be provided with pull and slide door opening systems or hinges. Hinges can be mounted within a minimal top frame or mounted directly on the glass. Doors can be removed when exceptional access may be required. Larger cases can be provided with electrically operated doors complete with fail-safe mechanisms in the event of power failure.


We have a comprehensive range of showcase solutions that cater to all your specific requirements.